Le Show


Le Taste of France Show is New York’s first ever two-day exhibition dedicated to French cuisine and the French way of life in New York City.

The event aims to promote France by highlighting its regions with their different culinary specialties and lifestyle.

The most renowned French food personalities and skilled Chefs from New York’s top restaurants will join forces and prepare a comprehensive guide to the diverse offerings of French cuisine: from the Crêpes and Ciders of Brittany to the Pastis and Bouillabaisse of Provence.

Guests will have a choice to either sample dishes with a “Tasting” plate or indulge in a “Dégustation” plate.

All food and drink will be available for purchase with Mariannes, the official currency of Le Taste of France Show.



CHARITY PARTNER: Action Against Hunger

PARTNERS: Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (MCF), Académie Culinaire de  France (ACF) and D’Artagnan

SUPPORTERS: Chefs Jacques Pepin (PBS/KQED TV), Marc Murphy (Food Network), Christian Têtedoie (World President MCF).