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Le Taste of France Show will be celebrating French cuisine by highlighting each region of France’s culinary specialties.  

The most renowned French food personalities and skilled Chefs from New York’s top restaurants will join forces and prepare a comprehensive guide to the diverse offerings of French cuisine: from the Crêpes and Ciders of Brittany to the Pastis and Bouillabaisse of Provence.

All food and drink will be available for purchase with Mariannes, the official currency of Le Taste of France Show.



















Among the French chefs and restaurateurs representing their regions and donating their services to Le Taste of France Show:

• NORTHEAST: Alsace – Franche-Comté – Burgundy
Chefs for the region: Chef Raymond Ost  (Sandrine’s Bistro, Cambridge, MA); Chef Alain Eigenman (Alain’s Bistrot, New York, NY); Chef Claude Godard (Jeanne and Gaston and Madison Bistro restaurants, New York, NY); Chef Olivier de Saint Martin (Caribou Café, Zinc Bistro a Vins, Philadelphia, PA).

• NORTHWEST: Brittany – Normandy – Picardie – Loire Valley – Poitou-Charente
Chefs for the region: Chef Jean-Louis Dumonet (The Union Club, New York, NY and President of the American and Canadian Delegation of Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France).

• CENTER: Auvergne – Limousin
Chefs for the region: Chef Jean-Michel Bergougnoux (L’Absinthe, New York, NY)

• SOUTHEAST: Rhone-Alps – Provence – Cote D’azure  – Languedoc-Roussillon
Chefs for the region: Chef Christian Têtedoie (World President of Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France); Chef Nico Romo (FISH Restaurant, Charleston, NC); Chef Serge Devesa (Barclay Bar and Grill, New York, NY); Chef Xavier Salomon (Navio-Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA); Chef Jacques Sorci (The Carlyle Restaurant, New York, NY); Chef Bernard Liberatore (The Core Club, New York, NY); Chef Jean Louis Gérin (Chez Jean-Louis, Greenwich, CT and President of the American Delegation of l’Académie Culinaire de France); Chef Jean-Jacques Bernat (Provence en Boite, Brooklyn, NY).

• SOUTHWEST: Aquitaine – Gascony – Midi-Pyrenees
Chefs for the region: Chef Pierre Landet (La Marina, New York, NY); Chef Laurent Manrique (Millesime, New York, NY & Café de la Presse, San Francisco, CA); Chef Christian Delouvrier (La Mangeoire, New York, NY); Chef Jérome Ferrer (visiting chef – Européa, Montreal, Canada); Chef Stéphane Verdille (Consulat de France à New York).

In addition to French gastronomie, Le Taste of France Show will feature French Live Music, Pétanque, a French Bulldog Show to benefit The French Bulldog Rescue Network and a Parisian style Flea Market of French artisans selling a collection of French art, food, and other goods that you’d be hard-pressed to find in stores anywhere else in the States.

A selection of French beverages will be highlighted during the celebration: from a collection of exceptional French wines presented by Le Dû Wines; a Calvados Bar presented by the Barclay Bar; an Absinthe Bar presented by Viridian Spirits and a Pastis Bar presented by Pernod-Ricard. Alongside this will be the educational component: wine seminars presented at La Maison du Vin.


Le Show Tickets (Day events – starting at $10):
(1) Saturday, September 29 – 11am to 5pm (Pier 54, New York).
(2) Sunday, September 30 – 11am to 6pm (Pier 54, New York).

La Soirée tickets – ALL INCLUSIVE (Evening event – $149):
(3) Saturday, September 29 – 6.30pm to 11pm (Pier 54, New York).



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    What is included in the Soiree? It says “all inclusive” but is very vague in the description and doesn’t specifically mention any food.


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